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6 Ways to Boost Nursing Salary

The nursing field is one such sector that is booming, and offering tremendous employment opportunities and commendable nursing salary. Today, there are greater demands for nursing professionals due to the acute nursing shortages, increase in the elderly citizens, better health conscious among the common citizens and advancement in the medical field.

The salaries of nursing professionals also differ depending upon their qualifications, work experience, education and others. Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Nurse Assistants, Specialty Nurses and other medical professionals have different salary slabs decided by their job profiles and above given factors. A regular RN earns $56,000 -$84, 000, Specialty Nurse $84,591 – $286,020, LPN $24,000 – $50,000, and CNA $15,000 – $ 45,000.

Nursing Salary

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6 Ways to Boost Nursing Salary

Individuals, who are also aiming to build their career in the nursing field as a nursing assistant should remember certain crucial ways that can bring them higher incomes.

  1. Cities and Metropolitan Areas: A nursing assistant must search jobs in the urban city areas because the living costs in the densely populated city and metropolitan areas are higher, and CNAs are also paid better salaries accordingly to maintaining their living expenses.
  2. Education & certification: In addition to your CNA Certification, if you also possess additional degrees and certificates, you can earn higher because of your greater knowledge and talents in the nursing field.
  3. Experience: In order to earn higher nursing salary, you must hold 2-5 years or above working experience in the nursing field because few years work experience make you more skilful and proficient in the nursing works.
  4. Facility – If you work in a hospital, you will be paid higher than working in a physician’s office, or a long term care facility. Hospital nurse aides earn much higher in comparison to a home health aide or school nurse aide. In the same unit also your salary may vary because CNAs working in intensive care units or an operation theater of a hospital are paid higher than their counterparts who are performing routine cares, or working in a less influential position in the same unit.
  5. Work Duration – If you work full time, you will earn higher than working part-time or weekend.
  6. States – If you are wise in selecting the right state for your nurse aide job, you can enhance your nurse assistant incomes because the salary structure of different states differs. Few states are better paymaster whereas many states pay low salaries to their caregivers. The states, such as New York, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Alaska pay higher, whereas Missouri, South Carolina, Idaho, West Virginia and Georgia pay lower to their nursing staffs.

If you start searching CNA jobs keeping in mind these points, your income would be comparatively higher than your counterparts. In addition, nursing field is very vast, and nursing assistant job position is just the beginning in this sector. With greater qualifications and experiences, you can reach higher echelon in the nursing field and start earning handsomely.

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