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Career Management: Concept of Work-Life Balance

Working round-the-clock? Are you so engrossed in your career that you are unable to indulge in other activities? Are the employees at your workplace constantly frustrated and cribbing about their work? If you are an employee and the answer to these questions are a ‘yes’ then, it is time that you strike a balance between your work and life. Speak to your managers about it. If you are an employer and the answer to the above questions are a ‘yes’, then, it is time that you revised your employment policies. Here’s the concept of work life balance.

Concept of Work Life Balance

Workplaces have become demanding and it is no one’s fault. The effect of the recent recession is well-known to all. Many business establishments fired their employees as they could no longer afford them and many more had to shut shop owing to the huge losses. The after-effect- there is a recession looming round the corner and both employers and employees are cognizant of the fact that they may have to shut shop if they do not work hard. Hence, it is natural for both of them to push their limits and work harder. Due to the recent advancements in technology, professionals are working day in and day out. If they are not in office working, then they are definitely working at home through their laptops, tablets and other gadgets. In other words, technology has enabled working round-the-clock a ‘not so difficult to achieve’ concept. This leaves hardly any room for their personal lives.  As a result, it is important to strike a balance between work and life.

Career Management: Concept of work-life balance

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Both work and life is important for the growth of an individual. Maintaining a work-life balance helps the professionals make time for self-care, hobbies, spirituality, community service and of course, family and friends. This concept was coined recently and it supports an employee’s effort in splitting their time between their professional and personal life. Employers institute policies, actions and procedures which enable the employees to easily achieve a perfectly balanced life.


It is no surprise that every human needs to spend time off his or her work since they need to socialize. The work-life balance is aimed at reducing the stress of employees. It is natural to feel unhappy if you spend most of your time doing various work-related activities and neglect other aspects of your life such as family and personal care. Hence, a balance is important so that employees are satisfied thinking that they have time for all aspects of life and not work alone.

How to Strike the Balance?

Striking the right balance between work and life is indeed a challenging task. You cannot leave work since you have to survive and you need to lead a life since ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Employers provide their employees with facilities such as ‘paid time off’ schedules, flexible working schedules, company sponsored family events, responsible time etc. These are formulated at the time of employment policies. However, the policies differ with every establishment.

Striking the right balance maybe a challenging task, but once achieved, individuals lead a smooth life both from professional as well as personal aspects.

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