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How to Draft a CNA Cover Letter

Most people reading this blog would by now know that CNA is very important position in the entire healthcare framework. Government is spending ample money to have an army of CNA professionals ready to dish out best care to their patients. Many CNAs are passing out every year and at times getting a job in reputed organization or one in a rural area depends upon a minute criteria. CNA resume is very important, but CNA cover letter is equally important too. As there is a saying, a cover letter “sells you” in the job market. Many CNA professionals have taken cover letters lightly and repented later. You should not make such a grave mistake.

What is a CNA Cover Letter?

Cover letters are a simple way by which you can introduce yourself to the recipient. It goes with the resume to further boost your profile. Yes, you have provided a detailed analysis of yourself in the CNA resume but the cover letter will provide a synopsis of what you are. Most applications in today’s date are sent via the electronic format and your cover letter decides whether the recipient will look through the Resume with attention or just dump your mail into the spam.

Conveying a Sense of Compassion

CNA Cover LetterCompassion is one of the essential elements that a CNA professional should possess. When you have entered into the CNA studies you must have some passion for the profession. Whether it is a personal reason or a special role model, briefly explain why you have chosen to become a CNA professional. Try to explain how your care giving will help the employers. Tell a story from your last job role, may be you have helped an ailing patient recover and the laughter on the cured patients face touched your soul. Personalized cover letters get noticed in the crowd, so try to use this trick.

Brief and Crisp

For any CNA job vacancy the employers receive hundreds of applications. If you write a huge CNA cover letter then recipients will not read through. This is a waste of opportunity. Long cover letters are also considered as unprofessional. Try to focus on your key skills and how you can help the employers. Do not give many details about your job experience as that should be seen from the CNA resume.

Now let us analyze the CNA cover letter from its various ingredients. You should understand which ingredients are required and in what proportion, to draft a winning cover letter.

Selling Points

As mentioned before CNA cover letter is a scope to “sell” yourself, even before meeting face to face with the employers. It is a grand opportunity to portray your personality and how you will prove to be a great recruitment for the organization. Though the Resume contains all details about your education, experience and other credentials but the CNA cover letter introduces a person behind the Resume. With the cover letter you have to show your positive attitude, work ethic and team spirit. Always remember, a great cover letter is one which paints a perfect picture of what you are.

Work Experience

As you need to make the cover letter quite short, so try to touch on the main areas of your work history. If you were working in a different type of healthcare facility, then try to explain the aspects of the job. For fresher CNA cover letter, you should try to show ability to work under stress, physical strength and other essential skills that a CNA needs.

Educational Background

In the cover letter you should write about the degrees or coursework that is directly related to the job scope. If you have won any awards or honors make a special mention of these. If you have taken any extra training, it should be highlighted promptly. Employers always like candidates with extra skills.

CNA Cover Letter Sample

David Johnson
XX, St. James Park
Adamsville, AL

Simon Pitt
Head of Department
Pink Cross Hospital
XXXX Victoria Simpson Road
Kenai, AK

Dear Mr. Pitt,

While going through a newspaper this morning I came across the news regarding a vacancy for the post of certified nursing assistant at your highly esteemed healthcare center. I want to apply for this vacancy. After reading through the requisites for the post I feel my skills and qualifications match well with the job requirements.

I have a caring attitude and deep desire to serve the patients with my skills in care giving. I have some amount of work experience which has been gained during my six month internship. CNA certification is not the sole thing to judge my passion for work. I have skills to help patients perform their everyday activities such as bathing, feeding and grooming. I love learning new things and have an inherent capability to remain calm under emergency situations.

My resume is enclosed with the letter for your in-detailed reference. If you select me, I promise to perform my CNA duties with utmost dedication so as to enhance the reputation of your health center.

Please consider my resume positively. My contact number is (XXX)-XXX-XXXX. Please call at this number to schedule the interview. I thank you for all the time and consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

David Johnson.

Hope by now you have learned all that is required to draft an effective CNA cover letter. Wish you best of luck for your future endeavors.

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