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CNA Liability Insurance Details

CNA is an integral part of the overall healthcare system. Though work of a CNA professional is unsung at most times, but they make sure best care of patients is taken. If you have been following the medical news then you will find that there is dearth of quality CNA professionals all over the world. This is exciting news for young CNA professionals. There is no shortage of jobs in the sector. But, as mentioned before the work of a CNA professional is to report to a registered nurse if there are any health issues and take care of the patients.

So, their impression to the hospital or nursing home management is largely dependent upon the reporting authorities. In the earlier days, CNA job was not considered a stable profession. So to protect the CNA liability insurance came into being.

What is Liability Insurance

CNA Liability InsuranceThis is a type of insurance that protects the CNA from malpractices they may face at their working organization. In the earlier times when CNA job was unstable professionals used to get the insurance done all by themselves. In the present times too, not many companies offer CNA insurance. Liability Insurance can protect the CNA professional when the person is sacked from a job for reasons that are unfair. In worst case scenarios the death or deterioration of a patient is blamed upon the casualness on the part of CNA. Many healthcare organizations have even filed cases against their own CNA professionals. The CNA insurance will protect you from such suites.

Limitations of Liability Insurance

There are many limitations of CNA liability insurance. Most policies available in the market now are not comprehensive; they are largely limited in terms of claims. Most insurance policies do not cover anything apart from the working hours. If something happens when you are off duty the liability insurance will not cover the same. This may happen anytime. The angry family members of a dead patient may attack the CNA while on way back home.

So, the insurance will not cover you in such situations. When an organization offers liability insurance, there are further issues. Many insurance companies do not allow transfer of policy once you shift from one work organization to the next. This throws the CNAs into a quandary. Many benefits of the last liability insurance go in vain. These are some limitations that lead to large number of cases against CNA and other staff of hospitals and nursing homes.

Types of CNA Liability Insurance

There are many types of liability insurance policies available in the market. By selecting the proper variety you can protect yourself from the wrongful allegations raised by co-workers and patients. Even if a facility that you are working in closes down suddenly, you will be protected by this insurance. In the instance of a sudden closure, without any wrongdoing by you, liability insurance will protect you from any financial turmoil. If the patients lodge a case against you, then the insurance coverage will help you fight the case.


The prices of liability insurance vary from millions of dollars to a few hundred. More priced the insurance policy is better coverage it will provide. Some companies are promoting big benefits with small sum. Don’t fall for such traps. You will not get coverage for most of the valid claims and there are hidden costs too. High priced policies keep you protected from assault, slander and libel which can arise in nursing sectors.

Research well before selecting a liability insurance policy as you need best protection. Choose a CNA liability insurance that best fits your needs and have a hassle free career.

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