CNA to RN Programs

Most individuals view CNA as a gateway into the healthcare sector. CNA is the basic level certification that makes sure you earn your bread and butter in the healthcare industry. But the end goal for most CNA professionals is to become a Registered Nurse (RN) one day. Registered Nurse and the authority they enjoy is an attractive proposition for young CNAs. They can perform the medical duties and need least reporting to do (apart from being accountable to the doctors). The role of a CNA goes unsung at most times, while registered nurses are revered. Know the difference between CNA and RN. If you dream of becoming a RN one day then it is a very justified dream. What are steps involved in this transition from CNA to RN? Let us take a look on CNA to RN programs.

Setting Career Objectives

You have to set the goal of becoming a Registered Nurse very early on in your career. To become a RN you have to complete a two to four year course in a recognized nursing school. If you want to start earning immediately then registered nurse training is not your cup of tea. Perseverance is the name of the game as far as RN course is concerned. Unlike CNA courses, RN programs are devised to be full-time; they will need all your attention. If you are sole earner in your family, then it is advisable to create a savings before taking up RN course.

How to Find a RN Program?

CNA to RN Programs

There are many transitioning CNA to RN programs available. You have to find an accredited nursing college. Do not fall for traps in this respect. Always inquire and research about the college and the kind of accreditation they have. If the college is not duly accredited all your efforts will go in vain. RN programs are not only offered by nursing colleges but also community colleges, associate degree programs as well as universities that offer bachelors degree programs. There are night CNA to RN programs as well as CNA to RN online programs. It is also preferable to check for schools in your locality. You can even apply for financial aid while studying the RN courses.

Check the Prerequisites

To get admission into the CNA to RN program you will need some prior knowledge. The CNA certification will hold you in good stead in this regard. Normally educational experience in the fields of chemistry, microbiology, anatomy, physiology, etc. is required. The requirements are also decided by the varied criteria of nursing schools.

Enlist Yourself

There is a huge demand for CNA to RN programs. If there are many entries then you will have to sit in the waiting list till new batches start. So, get your name on the waiting list. You have to enrol yourself showing the due qualifications. In USA, the demand for RN courses is so huge that students have to often wait for a semester or two before getting into proper course.

Passing through the Examination

To get a RN license you will have to pass through the National Council Licensure Exam. This examination includes both academic subjects as well as clinical or laboratory processes. The exam is generally of six hours and tests the applicant’s skills from all aspects.

There are various types of RN certifications you can opt for while making a transition from CNA to RN. Below given are some prominent types.

  1. Diploma Courses: Diploma courses were the first option to gain a RN certification even a few decades ago. But nowadays diploma courses are not at all popular. This is a three year program which consists of nursing classes as well as hands on experience in the hospitals. Later course feature makes CNA to RN transition smooth.
  2. Associate Degree: This is a common path of education for those wanting to become a Registered Nurse. It is two years program. For candidates other than CNA the course is extended by a year.
  3. Bachelor of Science: Another popular course to become a RN, with this certificate you can practice in any part of the world. The courses have to be taken from a recognized university or college. This is a four year program.
  4. Accelerated Degrees: These are crash courses that can earn you a RN certification within 12 months. CNA to RN online courses have such an option. But you should be up for the challenges. Here classes are finished at rapid speed and there is little time to ponder.

Now that you know the process of rowing from a CNA to RN, you can get on the real job of getting the certification required. Registered Nurse certification would be: a dream comes true!