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The Types of Community Jobs in Australia

There are a wide variety of community care jobs available in Australia. This means that there is a significant degree of variability in job descriptions to match a number of different choices and career aspirations. Here are the types of community jobs in Australia.

Type of Roles in Community Jobs in Australia

A number of broad qualities that are largely part of persons nature in which prospective and actual employees look for in this sector. They include compassion for others and people in need, patience, strength of will, personal organization, an ability to engage and communicate effectively with those in need, and mental and emotional toughness.

Carer Jobs

Community Jobs in Australia

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Community care roles are extremely varied and range in kind from registered community nursing jobs to youth support and one to one disability patient support and mentoring. There are also administrative, clerical and managerial roles available. Other professionals and workers in the sector are policy makers and consultants. There are specialized roles that require high levels of expertise and training such as speech pathology, physiotherapy, and registered nursing.

Private and public sector care providers need many support staff that do not necessarily spend all of their time with disabled or ill clients. These include, marketing specialists, copywriters, administrative assistants, policy and project officers, volunteer coordinators (to help organize volunteers), conference and events managers (to organize large fundraising events for hospitals and charities), and community educators to name but a few.

Then of course there are the many and varied direct client facing and patient support roles. These include social workers, community services workers, disability support workers, community and home visit nurses, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, and resident nurses.

Disability Support Worker Jobs

Disability support workers and other kinds of direct care workers are exposed to people with mild to severe and extremely debilitating ailments and injuries. Patients can spend be frequently or even comprehensively incoherent and incapable of affective communication, are often unable to perform basic functions including personal hygiene, and can be emotionally distraught on a regular basis. Clients often cannot be expected to have social skills or interpersonal abilities that those without illness or disability should have.

Other kinds of direct care role involve working with disadvantaged children, families in distress, and elderly people in emergency situations. Some patients may be young, orphaned, homeless, ill, and emotionally devastated. Direct care workers perform vital and important humanitarian tasks in the lives of the needy.

Direct care worker and support worker type roles call for a person with very strong inter-personal skills and excellent emotional stamina. A positive outlook and humanitarian perspective are common among successful workers in the sector.

Community Care Administration & Management Jobs

Administrators and managers usually have some background in the kind care and care work that those they are managing undertake on a daily basis. These roles require combining whatever training in social work and/or nursing is necessary for the provider with high degrees of organizational ability, leadership, and solid communication skills. Human resource managers, staff managers, and team leaders in support and care agencies all need to be aware of and able to respond to the needs of the clients of the organization, and of the organization itself.

Community Health Jobs

Physiotherapists generally require university level training to give them the skills to guide and mentor severely injured patients through recovery, or to help monitor and co-ordinate the treatment of people with painful and debilitating physical damage due to diseases. They must be able to communicate effectively with clients and use their expertise for pain relief. Sometimes therapy can be painful for the patient in pursuit of remedial goals, and so managing patient expectations and recovery plans is a big part of the physiotherapist’s job.

Registered nurses who are resident in special hospitals or clinics have to be ready to handle the toughest and most potentially distressing experiences for clients and their carers. Rigorous professional training standards apply in Australia, and so registered nurses are highly valued in care organizations and in the wider community.

Community jobs in Australia is a good career option. The variety of roles in the community jobs sector is surprisingly large, and many there are many opportunities available for people with the right qualities to succeed in this sector.

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