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Get Yourself Invited for Interviews

“You have been asked to come to our office for an interview.” Do these words sound like music to the ears? Have you been applying at many places lately and not getting any call for even an interview? Conventionally, candidates apply for vacancies with an impressive resume and a polite covering letter. Then, they wait patiently for the precious call. However, times have changed and so has the interview process. It is very rare for candidates to actually post their resumes along with a covering letter via postal mail. It is the age of the Internet.  Nowadays, people e-mail their applications to the HR of various organizations. Yet, not all the candidates who apply get called for interviews. Only few get called while others are left high and dry. If you are one of those to get left behind, then here are a few tips on how to ‘ask for the close’.

Covering Letter

Asking for interview

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The HR has scores of applicants who have applied for that one vacancy at an organization. Calling all of them is an impractical and tiresome process. Then what does the HR do? It is not fair to do a lucky draw contest; the best ones may never get called. Hence, they pick and choose. They choose those with a good covering letter. Generally, they prefer candidates who are very specific or at least have a lucid language. Applicants with a very generic cover letter are normally ignored. That’s why you should use a professional cover letter writing service to make the perfect cover letter.

First Tip- Avoid being generic


Before applying, do a small exercise- research about the company. Gather as much information as available and go through them. Analyze the company and your capabilities including your qualities, qualification, etc.  Next, try to figure out how you can fit yourself into the company. For example, if your company needs a sales manager but you are experienced in business development and have a good communication skills then you can state that in your letter. You can write, “I have five years experience in business development and have generated revenues worth $(amount). I am skilled at handling sales and owing to my excellent communication skills, I can generate good business for your organization.” Write about the specific position in the company and how you fit the bill; however, don’t get into great detail describing the same. Save these for the interview.

Second Tip- Fit yourself into the bill

Asking for Interview

Conclude the letter with a simple and direct communication asking for the interview. It does not sound impolite. On the contrary, it simply shows how keen, confident and straight-forward you are. You can write something like, “I thank you and I am looking forward to hear from you at the earliest.”

Third Tip- Get invited


Once you send the letter, give them time to go through your application. This maybe up to a week. If you don’t hear anything from their end within a week, then follow up with a call. It shows your interest in the first place. In addition, you may be given the merit of follow-up by actually getting invited for the interview even if they thought of rejecting your application.

Fourth Tip- Express interest

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