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How To Deal With the First Job Interview Jitters

First job interview? Getting the jitters? Relax! It is natural to get the ‘first job interview jitters’ and you may find yourself getting it again for the next interview and the next and so on…. During the first interview, you may find the entire process nerve-wracking and stressful so much so that you may end up performing bad at the interview though you are excellent in your subject.

Tips on Dealing With The First Job Interview Jitters

  • Analyze: Analyze your positives and negatives, highs and lows, strengths and weaknesses, etc. Improve the areas you are weak at and remind yourself of your positives. Look at ways to display your positive skills at the time of interview.
  • Avoid Delays:Find out the venue well in advance and start early on the designated day. This will leave you with extra buffer time to avoid unexpected delays. If you reach early, get acquainted with the surroundings. This will put you at ease and help you perform better.
  • Positive Thoughts:Don’t let negative thoughts invade your mind before the interview. Think of things that make you feel happy. You can call up your best friend who makes you laugh and talk to them for a while before leaving for the interview. This will actually make you feel really fresh and energetic. Do not brood over your failures in college.
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  • Be Confident: Have a straight and confident approach to the interview. Look at the interviewer in the eye while answering questions and speak to them naturally. Make your interviewer feel comfortable with you.
  • Comfort: Be comfortable when talking to the interviewer. The first round is usually conducted by the recruitment agencies or human resource personnel. They simply test you of your personality. If you have a warm and friendly approach, they will naturally recommend you for the second round which is by the technical expert. One of the most important things that people look for in a candidate is whether he or she is amicable. The candidate must work amicably with others and maintain a healthy work environment. If you prove this, then you are almost through the interview.
  • Prepare: Always prepare well before interview. You can buy the ‘Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers‘.

Go to the interview with the thought that you have something in you that others must know. Try to think that you want people to know you and this is one golden opportunity that cannot be missed. Be natural while talking to the panelists  They do not want to eat you, but simply want to know you. You are not going to lose your life if you do not perform well. If you do not get this job, you have not lost anything. On the contrary, you have gained an experience- How to perform bad if you do not want a job!

All the best!

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