IT Project Manager Resume Sample

When the major part of corporate business operation is dependent upon computer based information systems, it has become crucial to employ top quality IT managers, widely known as IT project managers, to systemize its departmental operations starting from administration to sales or accounts. On the other hand, the IT companies chiefly involved in software developments perform the same activities and meet the requirement of their clients. Irrespective of the type of job, typically IT project managers remain responsible for planning, organizing, and directing his/her team of IT professionals in order to develop their system base operation. In collaboration with higher management, IT project managers are expected to determine the areas/departments that need to be under computerized operation. Planning from hardware/software configuration, calling IT vendors, negotiating with them for services and pricing, ensuring IT security with the help of IT security professionals, budgeting, and launching the systems come under his responsibility. For upgrading the IT, it is significant for him to bring innovative techniques or tools, educate team members, and arrange meetings. Similarly, he is supposed to determine the requirement of fresh IT professionals, interview and absorb them, and forward their yearly appraisal reports to management for promotion, increments, etc. To get things done, commonly IT project managers are supported by IT analysts and consultants.

Some Tips on Writing the IT Project Manager Resume

  • Since the job opportunity offers you a high level management position in a corporate house, you should focus your objective, which is expected to focus upon the benefits or productivity that a potential employer can expect from you.
  • Highlight as to how you are going to organize your activities and motivate your team members enabling the organization to achieve a 100% flawless, secured, and highly developed Information base system.
  • Focus your personal attributes justifying that you are the right person and deserve the opportunity. Explain details of your computer background, your achievements, and expertise in working under LAN and WAN environments.
  • Produce your experience line-up in detailed, point wise, and unambiguous ways, exhibiting your professional attitude. Only the major activities should be highlighted.
  • Your educational, technical, or professional qualifications should be listed at the bottom of the resume. Make it impressive.

An Example of IT Project Manager Resume

Seth B. Smith
XX Redbud Drive, New York, NY 10011
(000) 020-0000,


I would like to use my knowledge, field exposure, and expertise effectively to make certain that the existing areas, covered under information systems are in order, versatile, and equipped with newest system mechanisms. Uplifting of the approach of Management Information Systems (MIS), consolidation of the department’s system procedure, resourcing them with global standard features, and maximizing client satisfaction are my goals. With expert team management, motivation of IT professionals, and coordination with management, I would like to bring productivity as well as justify my professional expertise.


  • Great thinking power with an analytical outlook.
  • Motivating quality to go ahead with my team; a mind-set to learn more from experts, advisors, and directors.
  • Presence of mind and decision making ability.
  • Well informed about most up-to-date system management tools, techniques, and software.
  • Comprehensive ideas about leading market players.
  • Determined to implement internationally recognized mechanisms in system management.
  • High level communication.
  • Wide ranging concept in computer languages, working platforms, and cost effective methodologies.


Project Manager
Superlative IT Solutions, Charlotte, NC
2014 – Present

  • The organization is a reputed IT solution provider, with national as well as overseas clients.
  • My job begins with a client meeting and understanding their requirements; meeting with system administrator and director (IT) for planning and scheduling the activity plan.
  • Prepare module of tasks and assign individual tasks to my team, guiding them, supervising the job, and evaluating the progression pace.
  • Guide system designers and programmers and keep close coordination with higher management to inform them of the development status.
  • On complication, effective running of the information system and gaining customer satisfaction is my best reward.

Deputy Project Manager
Supreme Techno-Systems, Chicago IL
2012 – 2014

  • Worked in collaboration with the project manager, system analyst, and GM (systems).
  • In two years of my employment, I was successful to bring a through change in the earlier information system procedures, employing the newest technologies and concepts.
  • Guided junior colleagues and undertook classes to educate them about the best methodologies and mechanisms, which inspired them to bring real changes.
  • By presenting the most innovative, user friendly management information systems, I was rewarded with a higher position and became the project manager in 2013.
  • As a project manager my remarkable achievement was launching of customized billing process and debt status and inventory.

Education and Professional Qualification

Master in Business Administration (MBA)
North Carolina State University, NC (2012)

Bachelor’s Degree in Science
North Carolina State University, NC (2008)

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 IT Project Manager Resume Sample

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