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Job Boot Camp: Resume Writing

The summer months are fast approaching and it’s time to kick yourself into shape and get job boot camp fit, but we’re not talking running marathons here, we’re talking trimming up your CV and interview technique so you’re job fit, and just what every employer is looking for.

#1. Enthusiasm

It sounds a tad cliche and I wouldn’t advise putting ‘an enthusiastic individual’ on your CV or running in to an interview doing star jumps, but employers are looking for you to show enthusiasm towards your prospective job roll. So don’t just put on your CV that you’re ‘enthusiastic’, show them, even if that means spelling it out, tell them that you attended all the industry conventions last year, or about that refresher course you took in I.T. to ensure you’re social media skills were up-to-date. It all demonstrates that you’re prepared to go above and beyond to be the best at what you do, enthusiasm at its best.

#2. Punctual

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Again, I wouldn’t put this on your CV as it’s hard to back up in writing that you’re a punctual person. If you do note it down on your CV give valid examples, such as; ‘I pride myself in being punctual, I will always arrive for work, a meeting or interview 15 minutes before’, and make sure you walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk. Having this on your CV and then arriving only 5 minutes early for an interview will discredit everything else you’ve said on there. Better to leave this out and arrive early and impress. If you know you’re often late then make sure you calculate enough time in to your schedule to get ready for work, an interview or meeting, nobody likes to be kept waiting.

#3. Team Player

You could be the best in the business at what you do but if you’re not a team player then it doesn’t matter, having one person that’s out of sync with the rest of the team can ruin the dynamics and no manager wants to have to deal with that. Demonstrate on your CV a project that you’ve worked on that required team work to get the job done, and when meeting with a new team make sure you introduce yourself and take the time out to get to know everyone, including what their job roll is. This will also make your work social life much more appealing, remember, time flies when you’re having fun!

#4. Creative Thinker

We’re not all artists and nor do we all need to be artists however employers are looking for a candidate who is a creative thinker in their field of work. They don’t want to have to ‘spoon feed’ information to employees or micromanage every project. If you can prove that you are a creative thinker this will impress from the get go, mention on your CV a project that you’ve worked on whereby you were the instigator. Show examples of your idea and the thought process behind it, you don’t have to go in to too much detail on your CV, your employer should probe you further in the interview, giving you a good talking point. Just make sure you know your facts.

#5. Integrity

Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honest –

This is every employers dream characteristic in a candidate and it’s often hard to come by and even harder to demonstrate on your CV. This is something you will have to show by your past and present actions, definitely a moral code to live by in the cut-throat business world.

Follow these 5 golden steps for job boot camp to getting you and your CV in shape and you’ll be job fit in no time.

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