Security Guard Resume Sample

Security guard, who is also known as a Security Officer, is responsible for protecting a property, its assets and people. A security guard may be officially or privately employed depending upon the needs. Most security guards come with uniforms. As a security guard you are paid to have a high visibility and prevent any wrong or illegal actions in the property. You will have to take actions when there is wrongdoing and inform the incident to the emergency services such as police, fire brigade, etc. There are various distinctions within the security guard job scope. You may have to work as bodyguard, residential security staff, stationary security guard, special event security; personal security and fire watch security. Your job may place you in public places such as hospitals, schools, cinemas, colleges, courts, shopping malls, gardens, courts, etc.

Having a specially framed security guard resume can enhance your chances of landing a good job opportunity. That’s why serious job seekers spend some time to research well before writing a resume to avoid resume writing mistakes.

How to Write Security Guard Resume Objective?

Security Guard
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The prime responsibility of a security is to secure the premise, persons and objects from any illegal actions. To work as a security guard you will need thorough training. Though weapons handling is not needed, but some knowledge of using weapons is necessary. Other than extreme circumstances the security guard has to only sound alarms, use motion sensors or other security devices to call for quick help. Dedication and honesty are two very important criterions for security guards. A good security guard is clever and skilled enough to protect his/her predesignated premise. When you are writing the security guard objective section all these key skills should be mentioned. The short sentence should be able to impress the recruiters without boasting too much.

Some Sample Security Guard Resume Objectives

  • Looking for a Security Guard job to utilize my key skills in patrolling, investigating and then following up on any incident.
  • To provide best security services with my years of experience as a Security Guard.
  • Skilled in various security activities and a background in protecting property and life.
  • Obtaining a position of Security Guard where I can utilize my abundant skills in public law enforcement providing secure environment for general public.
  • Skilled in risk management and deploying safety devices to protect people, property and objects.

How to Write Security Guard Resume Skills?

Security guards are expected to be alert professionals who can sense troubles much earlier and manage such situations at ease. A security guard is bound to a particular area. You may have to take rounds of a designated premise and protect it in the best possible manner. The objects within the premise are your responsibility too. When there is any criminal activity happening, the task of a security guard is to inform the law enforcement authorities and control the situation until reinforcements arrive. A security guard has to be very skilled and alert. Some training is always mandatory to be a security guard. The skills asked from a security guard may vary from one job to the next, but some of the common skills are mentioned below.

Common Security Guard Resume Skills

  • Knowledgeable in securing the premises or facility.
  • Affective handling and resolution of conflicts.
  • Quick to think and act in emergency situations.
  • Ability to use firearms and other latest security equipments.
  • Excellent skills of detecting imminent threats.
  • Handling rotating shifts.
  • Knowledge of CPR and First Aid.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Organized at all times and an eye for details.
  • Extremely polite and courteous.
  • Good skills of taking instructions.
  • Adjustable to the changing priorities.
  • Keeping confidential information secret.
  • Physically well built.

Security Guard Resume Example



26 S Some Lane, Buffalo, NY 14221-5949, (012) 345-6789

Obtaining a position of Security Guard where I can utilize my abundant skills in public law enforcement providing secure environment for general public.


  • Over nine years experience as Security Guard.
  • Affective handling and resolution of conflicts.
  • Quick to think and act in urgent situations.
  • Excellent skills of detecting imminent threats.
  • Handling rotating shifts.
  • Extremely polite and courteous.
  • Adjustable to the changing priorities.


  • Good verbal and written communication.
  • Close attention to detail.
  • Bilingual – English and Spanish.


  • Identified and installed new positions for security cameras, reducing the threat levels.
  • Trained many junior security guards.

Zions Bancorporation – Buffalo, NY
(2010- Present)

Security Guard

  • Patrolled the designated premises and other adjacent areas.
  • Maintained the traffic to and from main business building.
  • Performed regular safety inspection to ward of any security threats on time.
  • ID cards checking of all the personnel entering the building.
  • Investigated and then reported any illegal activity in the premises.
  • Took quick and on the spot actions when required.

National Corporation Bank


  • Issued security passes into the bank premises.
  • Directed visitors to proper section.
  • Controlled the access into the bank.
  • Patrolled certain assigned areas of the bank.
  • Operated various sophisticated security equipments to monitor ongoing in the bank.


  • Certificate in Security Operations from ICS
  • Graduated from Lamar High School



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Security Guard Resume Sample

Security Guard Resume Sample

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To be a successful security guard you should be a quick thinker. Before admitting to the courses for security guards, there is an intense screening undertaken to get only the best professionals. You should be brave and physically very fit. Your actions will instigate your fame. An experienced security guard can end up with good pay.