Solano College of Nursing CNA Program

Solano believes in success, and trusts that there is no alternative word of accomplishment. Way back, in 2009, none could have believed the sprout, peeped through the earth, will appear as a banyan family within a span of twelve months. No story, this is the introduction of Solano. They are one of the fastest growing nursing institutes of California, US, famed in the name of Solano College of Nursing.

Solano is proud in acquiring a continual four years of unconditional accreditation, on 18th day of August, 2009. As on today, they are having two huge campuses in Milpitas and Vallejo, CA. Both campuses are entirely devoted in building up the best CNAs as well HHAs. It is concentrating on continual studies and vocational training courses too.

Have an Idea of Their Coverage Areas

Solano College of NursingA constant research on the learning objects made Solano quite expertise to determine capabilities and prospective of each students, enter in Solano College of Nursing. The committed team of faculty members is investing their best thoughts to prepare each student. The candidates are encouraged to put up their optimum effort to become the best enabling community for medical industries.

Solano is having a widest-window of nursing programs, along with day, evening as well weekend session facilities. You can opt for CNA, HHA, CEu and special CPR Courses in day or evening classes. Weekend session are exclusively reserved only for the people who remain busy and prefer to have an extended weekend classes.

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Open courses now, containing Nutrition 36 hours course, Pharmacology 52 hours course, Stuff development direction 24 hours, Medicinal Terminology, Blood drawing course 32 hours course and Physiology along with Anatomy 36 hours course.

Solano CNA Courses

The entire course comprises of 50 hours of classroom-theoretical studies while 100 hours are provided in clinical training. Clinical session is being organized in a state board, accredited as a long term caring unit. Here, all the students are supervised with best care and attention. The training course follows NATAP set of courses. The teaching stuff is a group of certified senior nurses, instructors, approved and permitted by DHS or Department of Health Services. Each student is evaluated on awareness along with knowledge gaining through rotation test process and on-class quizzes. It makes them more correct and accurate in all measures.

The Solana professionals, prepare there students with a view, enabling them to obtain their targeted CNA certification but the whole idea of Solano remain encircled in delivering the paramount medical workforce to cater the health care industries. Solano does not boast, with the fact that their students are the most demanding in health industries, as they trust that achievement of their students is composing the success story of Solano School of Nursing.

Eligibility Criterion for CNA Course

You should complete minimum 16 years of age; must be having a validated California ID; possessing Social Safety Number; English reading ability; should have passed through Tuberculosis test done by approved physician; Need to go through criminal ground test procedure.

Charges of the Course

  1. Milpitas Campus course charge $1265.00
  2. Vallejo Campus course charges $1155.00.

You can avail installment facility (maximum 4). Solano accommodates a maximum of 30 students.

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